Launches New Online Community

October 1st 2016 in Conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month

New website will offer an extensive array of resources for women that includes a complete directory of Mammogram facilities nationwide, as well as detailed product information on the different types of 3D Mammography systems currently in use.

October 1st, 2016-Chicago, IL – 3DMammogram.org is pleased to announce that its new online community will be officially launched on October 1st of 2016 to coincide with the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, the National Breast Cancer Foundation uses the entire month of October to raise awareness about the importance of breast exams and early detection.

The latest statistics show that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some point during their lifetime. But the importance of early detection cannot be overstressed. Research has proven again and again, that when breast cancer is detected and treated in its early stages, the survival rate skyrockets.

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR), recently performed a study that revealed that only about 54% of the female population gets a mammogram done each year.

CEO of 3DMammogram.org, Michael Slowik, comments about this surprising information: “While most women do understand the importance of having mammograms done regularly, our hectic American lifestyle sometimes gets in the way. Our goal is to see those numbers decrease by making it easier for women to schedule their 3D Mammograms.” He adds, “Most facilities are now offering self-referral appointments so there is no longer a need for a doctor’s note.”

Co-founder, Diana Meynart Hanzel affirms that the online community is about far more than Breast Health; it’s about Best Health. “Achieving maximum wellness through mind, body and spirit is really the goal here,” she says. “We want to help millions of women achieve wellness through physical, emotional, and occupational dimensions of life. 3DMammogram.org will make it easy by providing the best resources, information, assessment, and interventions so that women can make well informed, health-promoting decisions and changes in a way that will empower women throughout the US.”

Membership at 3DMammogram.org is free and the site is dedicated to helping women get and stay healthy. The site also offers fitness tips, nutrition information, life coaching and a complete directory of plastic surgeons in the US. They are committed to becoming the number one resource for women’s health.

About 3DMammogram.org

The ongoing mission of 3DMammogram.org is to empower women to become avid health consumers responsible for their own well-being and the fulfillment of their personal goals. They provide a wide array of prevention strategies, along with health and wellness resources. The organization believes that all women, regardless of age, education or income, should have easy access to health-related facilities, specialists and services.

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